West Africa Theme Park

West Africa Theme Park

West Africa Theme Park

The magnificent continent of Africa is not only where civilization was born, but also a hugely creative, dynamic place, where some of the world’s greatest empires thrived. Today, Africa is filled with rich cultures, a number of which can be found in West Africa. To that end, the West Africa Theme Park was conceived to 1: Promote a better understanding of Africa; and 2: Forge stronger links between Mother Africa and its Diaspora.

Visitor Experience

Visitor experience is the driving force of the theme park, and all exhibits and activities are in magnificent indoor and outdoor settings that make visitors feel as though they are in a time machine as they suddenly find themselves in the middle of different part of West Africa throughout past centuries to the present. – And you can even jump on different forms of cool transport to get you from A to B, as you navigate your way through the interactive galleries where everything comes to life from the sights, sounds, smells and stories of the West Africa’s magnificent heritage.  

Situated in the renowned coastal heritage town of Badagry, this leading-edge high tech West Africa Theme Park, will be set up like a real-life village, full of palm trees, and everything else you would expect. It will cater to all age groups from small children to seniors, (and will be easily accessible for anyone in a wheelchair, or with pushchairs, etc.). The project is being constructed by world-class leading engineers, architects, and historians. – This is to ensure that it serves as a top destination for overseas visitors vacationing in Africa, as well as those who live in Nigeria and on the African continent.

A Showcase to Inspire & Enlighten

The West African Theme Park will showcase fascinating original exhibits, and stories about the different tribes and cultures (in Nigeria, for example, there are three main tribes/ethnic groups: Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo, although there are a substantial number of other tribes, with a whopping 520 languages spoken – a percentage of which originally branched out from the main three tribes). There will be a chance to meet and talk to representatives of these tribes, who want to tell people about their heritage.

There will also be valuable relics, antiques, a plethora of stupendous textile designs from the past and present; examples of the different types of food and beverages that were popular in the past, and now; and other old and contemporary offerings that will give an incredible glimpse into the region’s highly impressive past and present culture. There will also be an exhibit on colonisation and the slave era, however, in order for everyone with African heritage to be able to move forward, it has been given a positive re-branding – that is to say we must learn lessons from the past, and stand tall and move on for our equality, success and happiness.

A Full-On Live Experience

This original theme park will provide visitors and tourists with a full-on experience via fun entertainment, and different forms of learning – be it writing, listening to stories or short educational talks given by experts on various subjects (from religion to history and culture); poetry readings, live drama, energizing live music (from the most ancient to the era of rap); or watching stunning visual arts. It will also allow African Americans and others with African heritage, to reconnect with their roots. – An important step, due to that fact that most people have not had the opportunity to learn about these wonderful things in school. There is so much to learn about, for example, as the BBC states: “West Africa has a very old tradition of both storytelling and scholarship. All this was going on from at least the eleventh century”.


Traditional Huts

There will also be many different huts which will enchant visitors who are interested in: wonderful artisan goods made using natural, organic material; having some holistic therapy and being pampered with natural products; testing out and learning about different mouth-watering cultural foods and wines (including the fabulous local palm wine, which you can buy); learning about palm oil production and cassava flour, and what you can make with it; how the huge spectrum of Nigerian dyes are made and used; having traditional clothes made from the wonderful brightly coloured materials where no design is the same; having a consultation with a traditional life coach/psychic, who can answer your questions about love, prosperity, and your future; and visiting a herbalist/natural remedy specialist who can help you will your ailments, be it headaches, stomach issues, or other common problems.

Eating & Drinking

Restaurants, cafes, and bars galore, will be found indoors and outside the West African Theme Park. These will have décor to reflect different regions and cultures, and there will be special fun tables and chairs for children. The menus will cater for everyone’s favourites, whether they are traditional West African or international cuisine, or both!

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