Wellness & Relaxation

The Fatherland Spa is a members-only luxury spa situated on the historic and majestic Fatherland estate. Retreat to the privacy of our elegant facilities and receive exclusive spa treatments – our professional staff can assist you on your journey to personal well-being. The Fatherland Spa attends to guests by assisting with their treatment selection and tailoring it to their needs and desires. Whether you’re planning a full spa day or just need a few hours to relax, the Fatherland Spa is a tranquil haven offering an ideal relief from the every day, allowing you to pause and renew your body, mind and soul.

Beach Spa Resort

South Pacific massage treatments for the soul. Indulge yourself in a haven of tranquility by the beach.
In the privacy of one of our resort’s beach-side treatment bures you can immerse yourself in a soothing and restorative spa treatment designed to induce harmony and balance the senses. Relax to the gentle sounds of ripples at the water’s edge only a few steps away.

Yoga Club

Yoga takes on a whole new dimension. You’ll experience the serenity of restorative yoga in a pristine setting within sight and sound of the tranquil waters of Savusavu Bay, just steps away.
Complimentary small group yoga sessions are held every morning as the sun rises. Or, you can choose private sessions with one of the resort’s yoga instructors.
Whatever your experience level, you’ll feel completely relaxed and renewed and at one with your surroundings.

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