Night Club

Fatherland Night Club is an entertainment venue during nighttime comprising a dance floor, lightshow, and a stage for live music or a disc jockey who plays recorded music. Nightclubs generally restrict access to people in terms of age, attire, personal belongings, and inappropriate behaviors.

Drink & Dine

Fatherland is ideal for both after-dinner entertainment and late-night revelry. We aim to provide A-listers, jet-setters, high rollers and nightlife aficionados from all over the room to dance and dine mingle and network.

Discover a new world of Style and Luxury!

Immersed in an exquisite Red, Gold and Black theme, Quilox is your one-stop hub for grandee relaxation and nightlife activity. Get addicted to the magical moments, electrifying vibes, extraordinary hangouts and late-night clubbing guaranteed to leave you asking for more.
We also have the capacity to host private events. Whether it’s a party for 40 or 400, we provide an accommodating space as well as booming bass for an unbelievable fun night for party lovers. We not only provide you with an exquisite venue; we also take off the stress of party jitters from you with our readily available facilities and resources.

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