Fatherland Hospital Badagry


Set in the massive ocean front Badagry complex, the much anticipated new futuristic, high tech, state-of-the-art luxuriously furnished Fatherland Hospital is being constructed to serve as a global healthcare leader, and as such, will be available to Fatherland residents, and international medical tourists alike.

Of note: there will be dedicated air ambulances and high-tech road ambulances on call 24/7/365. – Something which will give Fatherland residents a feeling of medical security, should they suddenly become ill, or have an accident.

The goals of the Fatherland Hospital are to provide exceptional quality patient care, using science-backed innovative technology and solutions for all level of care; along with a first-class workforce of medics and specialists, who have the highest possible qualifications in their respective fields. Of note, many of these will have received their training and experience in world-leading medical universities and hospitals in the US, Switzerland, Germany Italy, and the UK.

The Fatherland Hospital Welcomes Medical Tourists

“Medical tourists can save anywhere from 25% to 90% in medical bills, depending on the procedure they get & the country they travel to”. There are several aspects associated with these enormous savings – saving that for many, mean being able to get the treatment or surgery that they urgently need, right away. These aspects include that fact that the charges for medication and diagnostic testing is excessively and often prohibitor expensive in the US and certain other countries.

In fact, a 2021 article in the New York Times, stated that: “pent-up demand for non-essential surgeries, as well as the fact that many Americans lost their health insurance during the coronavirus pandemic, led to a surge in medical tourism once other countries re-opened”.

“Medical tourism is successful for millions of people each year & is on the rise for a variety of reasons, including increasing healthcare costs in the US, lack of health insurance, specialist-driven procedures, high-quality facilities, & the opportunity to travel before or after a medical procedure”.

The Huge Benefits of Medical Tourism

According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention: “the most common procedures Americans go abroad for include dental care, cosmetic procedures, fertility treatments, organ transplants, and cancer treatment”. And this demand is likely to be mirrored in other countries. The massive benefits include:

  • Not having to have treatment in the US and certain other countries, where the charges for medication and diagnostic testing are extremely and prohibitively expensive
  • At the Fatherland Hospital, the cost of both pre-and post-procedure labour (for surgeons, nurses, aides, physical therapists, and pharmacists, etc.), will be dramatically lower than in the US and certain other countries
  • Staying at the Fatherland Hospital, and receiving top quality care, first-class rehabilitation in a comfortable luxury environment, and highly nutritious (personalized) hospital meals, will be far more affordable than in the US and certain other countries.

“For someone who doesn’t have insurance, or someone having a procedure that is not covered by insurance, the difference can be enormous”.

A World of Beauty & Luxury

No one likes medical treatment, procedures or surgery, and a normal standard hospital setting can make many patients feel uneasy and anxious. – And the same usually applies to those who are visiting their loved ones. – So, this is why the Fatherland Hospital is setting a precedence in Africa. – It is not only establishing an advanced world-leading facility; it is also creating a 5 star-plus magnificent hotel setting. There will be a choice of beautifully decorated high tech deluxe private rooms and suites that boast large windows offering gorgeous views, state-of-the-art high-tech beds with fine linen, special relaxation reclining chairs, as well as numerous amenities, large luxury bathrooms, Jacuzzis, and other pampering devices. A full spectrum of holistic therapy and beauty treatments can all be given in the privacy of the patient’s room or suite. Moreover, concierge and business services will also be available 24/7.

A large, manicured park will adjoin the hospital. – This will include beautiful shrubs, trees, waterfalls, fountains, lakes, and brightly coloured flowers and plants that generate a wonderful aroma. – All aspects which are designed to promote upliftment and healing. Visitors are encouraged to spend time with patients either in one of the hospitals 5-star cafes or restaurants, or in the Fatherland Hospital Park (where healthy drinks and snacks are also available). Of note: medics will be on duty throughout the park in case patients need assistance. Further, if a patient does not want to visit the hospital park, cafe, or restaurant on their own, then their personal medic can join them, instead of just being in the background.

Personalized Round-the-Clock Attention

Very importantly, dedicated one-to-one medics will be on duty 24/7. – This makes the Fatherland Hospital’s one-on-one nursing care, far more attentive and generous than the staffing ratios that the majority of hospitals around the world permit. The world-class doctors who will be involved in directing the running of the hospital, feel that this personalized attention is a crucial element of premier patient care, and healing.

The “in and outpatients” hospital is directly situated at the front of the palace. The emergency section of the hospital is fully detached from the main hospital at the ground floor level but linked with a glazed bridge at the first floor.

The ground floor processes the spacious reception for the patients, a long reception desk with offices, toilets, and record store at the back. The lift to the wards is at the right side of the reception in the full view of the receptionist for supervision, examination rooms for the outpatient, general toilets and the doctor’s quarters are also located. On the left side of the reception lies the pharmacy, laboratory, and the x-ray room. The detached emergency section consists of the reception examination rooms, offices for the doctors and 2nos surgery. The “out of bound” to the public lift links the wards above to the emergency section. The wards on the first and second floor are very spacious to accommodate a lot of patients (both general and private patients).

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