Enjoying Amenities & Entertainment in Badagry that Wouldn’t Be Possible in the US

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Can you imagine living in a wonderful environment that offers a great climate, fresh ocean-air, coconut palm trees, and natural beauty, along with a wealth of fabulous entertainment, dining, and sporting activities, that would be virtually impossible to afford in the US? Well, this is all possible in Badagry, thanks to the value of your US dollar, and the far cheaper prices in Nigeria.

What’s On Offer?

The exclusive African-American Village (which will house the Fatherland luxury villa and maisonette complex), is being engineered to offer every aspect of the African experience in regard to entertainment. – There will be a special events centre, a cinema, a film village, a museum, an art gallery, a recreation club, a night club, a Black Hall of Fame, workshops to create art works (paintings, carvings, textiles, and prints); synthetic caves, artificial lakes and water features, a zoo, innovative theme parks, and a palace. There will also be banking facilities, an educational institute, a shopping mall, schools for all age groups, swimming pools, a sports centre with a broad range of the latest state-of-the-art gym equipment, a spa, a golf course; basket ball, baseball, and squash courts; a tennis court; friendly bars to suit your mood; and a selection of quality restaurants and cafes. – All of the aforementioned offerings and activities, which are run by highly qualified, friendly and helpful staff, will be available at prices which are far lower than they would be in America. – This means that people who decide to go and live in Badagry, will be able to have such an exciting and inviting entertainment schedule, that their lives will be bumper-packed with fun.


The Fatherland will offer you a wealth of excellent welcoming restaurants and cafes to cater for your desires. And whether you want somewhere casual for family fun, or need somewhere a little more up market for a special occasions, it’s all there at your disposal. The extensive menus which have both West African and international options, will keep you going back to try out more of the freshly made delicious dishes (which are usually made using local fresh produce and ingredients, a lot of which is organic). – And another big plus, all the restaurants and cafes have a home delivery service to the luxury Fatherland Housing Complex. All the prices at the restaurants and cafes are substantially lower than in the US, once again giving you super value for your dollars, which will stretch much further.

Luxury Swimming Gym, Pool & Spa

With the rocketing prices of high grade gym and spa memberships in the US, many people have had to tighten their belts, and either not join, or stop going. – But this is the African-American Village in Badagry. – The place where you will be able to keep in super shape with the latest cutting-edge gym and sports equipment – all of which which can rival world-class gyms.

You can visit the luxury spa spend some ‘me time,’ relaxing for your optimal well-being. – Both the pool and spa will offer state-of-the-art design innovations and premium features to take it to an exceptional level of quality and luxury. The loungers will be ergonomically designed to provide added relaxation, making this a fabulous place to smile to yourself as you forget the rest of the world, and this level of luxury that you could never afford before!

Act Now!

African-Americans are invited to find out about this life-changing off plan luxury housing project, which will be completed in 2025, when the prices are predicted to be substantially more.

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