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A thrilling revolution is taking place as countless African-Americans channel their heritage, & realize that there is an alternative to being treated like second-class citizens in their own country. – A country where the cost of living is getting higher & higher, the dollar is buying less & less, & in many cases, where people cannot afford to buy their own homes

We all want to live our best lives, and that means getting the most out of what we have. – And this is why so many African-Americans have been moving to West Africa. – Not only do these adventurous people want to re-connect with their heritage, they also want a more holistic relaxed way of life surrounded by nature,  beauty, and friendly people; and very importantly, they want to get great value for their hard earned US dollars. – So it is no surprise that BBC Africa, CBS, and other US news stations, have reported countless people making enquiries about how they can relocate there.

As Bloomberg (2022), notes: “prohibitive housing prices, a strong dollar & political rancour, have contributed to a wave of Americans relocating.”  African-Americans certainly work hard & pay enormous taxes to the US government. – But times are a-changing, as many of those blessed with African heritage are thinking outside the box, & realizing that there is something better. – And this is why Badagry, Nigeria, is a first-class place for people to relocate to. –  It is here that they can ensure they will get the most out of their US dollars…

Property Prices

Two questions – No 1: would you like to purchase an exclusive off-plan luxury one to four bedroom villa or maisonette in the Fatherland complex in the African-American Village (which boasts a mall, schools, a state-of-the-art hospital, cinema, theater, restaurants and bars, sports and spa centers etc.), on the ocean front in Badagry, at a very favorable cost? And No 2: Would you like to pay a low deposit and have an easy payment plan to suit your budget? – If the answer is “Yes,” then read the Fatherland Brochure.

It would be impossible to find anything anywhere near these prices anywhere in the US. – So in a nutshell, your US dollars would buy you a fantastic home in a world-class spectacular development with a wealth of amenities, in a prime location in the renowned heritage town of Badagry (which is part of the highly prosperous Lagos State).  

Earning US Dollars While Living in Badagry

These days, working from anywhere in the world has become the norm. – So to that end, if you have an online business or consultancy; or if you are a freelancer who works remotely, etc., then the switch is super-easy. 

Further, if you would like to do business with Nigeria and the West African hub, and need to build a warehouse or business premises, etc., then there are 100 hectares of land available in Badagry for the Fatherland residents. Moreover, there is a young workforce eager to be taken on by African-Americans. (The NCDF Group can provide more details on this excellent opportunity).

Also, if you are an entrepreneur or business owner looking for new avenues, then the sky’s the limit, as there is so much you can bring to the table. – Badagry is the gateway to building networks in the West African Hub, and so much more. And start-up costs are nothing like the extortionate costs in the US. – So once again, whether you work from home, or do business in Nigeria, you enjoy massive value for your US dollars.

Act Now!

African-Americans are invited to find out about this life-changing off plan luxury housing project, which will be completed in 2025, when the prices are predicted to be substantially more.


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