Down Of A New Era



Whether you are interested in buying a fabulous villa in the Fatherland as a holiday home, a home away from home, a rental investment, or a retirement home; or whether you are moving from overseas permanently, you will be given a truly sincere warm welcome at the Fatherland. When you arrive at this wonderful new cultural destination, your heart will melt. – The environment is stunning, English is spoken everywhere, the fabulous food is super fresh, and the music has a special beat that connects us to how life should be.

In no time at all, new arrivals will magically regain an integral part of themselves, as they will foster a new sense of identity. – And often for the first time, they gain a sense of freedom, as they no longer must think about multiracial challenges.

And with so many people running online businesses, or working remotely in the Western World, making the switch to living full or part-time in Badagry, is super-easy. – There is first-class annual or part-year schooling for children of all ages, and children’s nannies and home helps are readily available. Furthermore, once remote workers get set up, they are over the moon about the more relaxed way of life, and substantially lower running costs.

And when it comes to entrepreneurs and businesspeople, there is so much that they can bring to the table, that the sky’s the limit. Badagry is the gateway to building networks in the West African Hub, and so much more. Start-up costs are nothing like the extortionate costs in the West, particularly in the US and the UK. – And there is substantial enterprise infrastructure and technical support for start-ups and existing businesses for Fatherland residents (which can be used for various business purposes). Moreover, there is a young workforce eager to be taken on.

Understanding our strong resilient heritage, discovering more about our ancestors, embracing our African culture, and celebrating West African family traditions, can ignite our souls, and affect us at our very core. Having a fabulous permanent home, or home away from home, in the Fatherland Residential Villas in Badagry, right where our courageous ancestors were shackled and forced on to slave ships, gives us an incredible connection. – We shine an eternal light for them. – And when it comes to leading our best lives, there is so much experience, expertise, and innovation, that we can bring to Badagry, the possibilities are endless…