Creative Institute

At Creative Institute, the operative word is ‘Creative’. We adhere to the idea that creativity is the single factor that distinguishes the leader from the herd. What we seek is to bring creativity into play as part of the learning process. As part of our efforts, we place great emphasis on bringing to the fore the student’s analytical abilities and creative acumen to help them cope with the challenges for the future. The vision of Creative Colleges to be a center for nurturing creative and innovative ideas that help in building a better society, a better world.

Do Something Great

As part of our membership, The Fatherland Club provides regular sessions of supervised bridge lessons and play. Classes are conducted by a certified master instructor to help you enjoy and expand your game. Bi-monthly member-guest bridge luncheons are held to enhance the social bridge experience. All member-guest tournaments are American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) sanctioned with a supervising director.