Advantages of Living in Badagry, Part 3

LUFASI Nature Park - Lagos

First-Class Fatherland Schooling & Education For Your Children The African-American Village has a strong focus on family life, so to that end, families who come to permanently settle in Badagry, or those who only spend part of the year there, will have the opportunity to give their children a low cost, first-class level of education […]


Enjoying Amenities & Entertainment in Badagry that Wouldn’t Be Possible in the US ForeMedia Creative City Can you imagine living in a wonderful environment that offers a great climate, fresh ocean-air, coconut palm trees, and natural beauty, along with a wealth of fabulous entertainment, dining, and sporting activities, that would be virtually impossible to afford […]


Lagos' Parks - Fatherland

A thrilling revolution is taking place as countless African-Americans channel their heritage, & realize that there is an alternative to being treated like second-class citizens in their own country. – A country where the cost of living is getting higher & higher, the dollar is buying less & less, & in many cases, where people […]

Searching for clarity at a Nigerian art museum

LUFASI Nature Park - Lagos

Art critic Emmanuel Iduma finds his way out of a pandemic rut with a visit to the Yemisi Shyllon Museum of Art in the outskirts of Lagos. After nearly seven years abroad, I returned home to Lagos in December 2019. Three months later, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Nigerian government announced a lockdown. The city entered a […]

Lagos’ parks are underrated here are 9 of the best the city has to offer

Lagos' Parks - Fatherland

There are more than 300 parks and gardens across the state of Lagos, and the city continues to get greener. Lagos holds its annual Tree Planting Day on July 14 each year as part of a bigger plan to build a greener city. Companies are adopting roundabouts to turn them into cute green spaces, and botanical […]

Badagry Vs the US: The Advantages of Setting Up a Successful Business in Badagry

There are many potentially successful African-American entrepreneurs, yet the exorbitant costs and complications of setting up a business in the US, regardless of its size or location, mean that a high percentage of people are faced with a brick wall, and zero chance of following their dream. Avoiding Many of the Challenges of Starting a […]