Coolest Apartment Amenities at
Fatherland Residential

Recreation Parks

The wonderful parks which have been designed for the Fatherland, offer lush emerald green manicured lawns, glorious giant trees, ornamented flowerbeds filled with beautiful flowers that generate an uplifting aroma, water fountains, many comfortable places to sit and relax, tables to set up a picnic, or work on your laptop; a jogging track; fun, safe play areas for children of all ages; and of course, stunning views of Badagry and the wonders of Mother nature.

Luxury Swimming
Pool & Spa

Here you will be able to keep in super shape and relax for your optimal well-being. Both the pool and spa will offer state-of-the-art design innovations and premium features to take it to an exceptional level of quality and luxury. The loungers will be ergonomically designed to provide added relaxation, making this a fabulous place to smile to yourself, and forget the rest of the world.

Schools for All Age Groups

The Fatherland will be home to first-class schools and educational facilities. The latter will be staffed with highly educated, inspiring, friendly educators and teachers, thereby ensuring that your children receive a second-to-none education, and enjoy the social and learning experience, whether they attend full-time, or just part of the year.
Educational Facilities - Fatherland Badagry

Shopping Mall

The mall, which will boast top-tier amenities, is designed for luxury and comfort. It will feature a collection of independent retail stores, famous national and internal brands, The Fatherland will also provide supermarkets, banks, a post office, professional offices, various different services, and a parking area. As well as water features, greenery, reflective spots, and comfort and shade.

Service Areas

This area will supply a range of equipment, and space for service, storage, and maintenance. This includes a clothes cleaning service, and a carport.

Banking Facilities & More

This refers to a provision of banks and other financial institutions rendering financial assistance programs to help companies. The main types of facilities are overdraft services, business lines of credit, term loans, and letters of credit.
Other banking services such as ATM services will also be available at different points of the Creative City.
Fatherland Residential - Sports Facilities

Sports Facilities

This is a building structure or place serving as a sport venue in which sporting competitions or other events will be held. It consists of a field or stage either partly or completely surrounded by a tiered structure designed to allow spectators to stand or sit and view the event.

The Police and The Fire Brigades Station

The stations are wedged between the hospital and the shopping mall, and are joined together at the fire engine and official police vehicle stands in the middle. The stations consist of offices for the area commanders, rest and locker rooms, and a glazed observatory at the top.