Advantages of Living in Badagry, Part 3

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Advantages of Living in Badagry, Part 3

First-Class Fatherland Schooling & Education For Your Children

The African-American Village has a strong focus on family life, so to that end, families who come to permanently settle in Badagry, or those who only spend part of the year there, will have the opportunity to give their children a low cost, first-class level of education at a superbly equipped, high-tech, state-of-the-art school, be it at the Fatherland elementary, middle or high school (or all three). These independent private schools will employ the most experienced, highest qualified instructors who have long track records from the most prestigious schools. – Professors who can nurture your children, and firmly put them on a second-on-none world-class educational pathway that will give them the best chances in life, where ever they may chose to settle.

The Fatherland Schools Ethos Success

Research shows that private schools are renowned for maintaining the highest possible standards for respect and discipline. Moreover, such schools, (e.g., those in the African-American Village), provide a safe, secure environment that has a lower than normal staff-to-student ratio. This enables more effective monitoring, mentoring, and support. Furthermore, private schools, and particularly those in Africa, promote a strong sense of community, and one of the key benefits of this, is that it is quite effective in preventing children and teens from going off the rails, and getting into trouble.

Indeed, one study carried out by the Fraser Institute, concluded that approximately: 72% of parents who had children in the private school system, strongly agreed that the quality of achievement and educational experience, was greatly improved. Moreover, when the school is in control of their achievement and class attendance, the discipline that the children are given, substantially improves their post-secondary education success rates. And in addition to this, educational researchers Bruce Biddler and David Berliner, conducted a comprehensive study on class size. – This indicated that: the smaller the size of the class, the greater the average student excels on academic achievement tests. To that end, the board of the Fatherland Schools ensures that these successful strategies are adhered to.

Extracurricular Activities

The Fatherland schools put a strong focus on a well-rounded education & encourage students of all ages to participate in extracurricular activities such as sport, arts, music & clubs

The Fatherland schools will offer a broad range of exciting and inspiring extracurricular activities that will boost the students’ morale, and keep them in optimum physical and mental health, as they continually aspire to reach for higher ground, while being involved in things that they love. Of note, Stanford University carried out a study which showed that: such involvement helps stimulate students in their studies; and that those who are involved in the arts, have better school attendance, and are more driven to learn.

Parents Are Invited to Play a Role in Their Children’s Fatherland Education

The Fatherland School governors strongly believe in communication between parents, and the teaching staff and administration. – So to that end, a precedence will be set for involving parents with the school community (be it in-person, or on-line). All the Fatherland schools will hold regular parent-teacher meetings and exciting social events, many of which will offer golden opportunities to meet other parents. Moreover, becoming an intrinsic part of your child’s/children’s education, will help to nurture and strengthen your parent-child relationship/s, and generate success for all parties.

Benefit From Far Lower School Fees

Parents in the US who want to endow their children with a top level education, are only too aware of the prohibitive cost. – A cost that can be many tens of thousands of US dollars per year just for one child, let alone two, three or four. And this is why so many families are interested in relocating to a beautiful, prosperous, region in West Africa. – A region where children and teens can live in a happy, non-racial environment, and attain the same high level of education, certification, and top grades, as those who attend leading schools in the US.

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