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We would like to introduce you to the development of the Fatherland located at Agonrin Sea Beach, Badagry West LCDA, Badagry, Lagos State, Nigeria, West Africa. The Fatherland is a world class creative city for entertainment, education, tourism, and luxury diaspora residential villas, where you can live, work and play in an extraordinary cutting-edge innovative, ecological, sustainable green city.

The Fatherland Complex will showcase the True African Experience, her wonderful unique culture, and her values; thereby making it a global entertainment and tourist destination. –  A grand, exciting, state-of-the-art, high-tech, sustainable, family orientated luxury community, which is set to rival the best complexes in the world. – Something that will add immense value to the properties in the Fatherland Villas (within the complex), which villa owners can let out if they only spend their holidays there. Our on-site multi-lingual property management and rental team are always on hand to arrange these bookings, which will yield an excellent income.

The Fatherland Complex is a prime location surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and glorious golden beaches. This location alone, renders purchasing a villa an extremely good opportunity and investment. Moreover, the health and wellness benefits for the entire family are second to none.

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As the New York Times notes: “there is a significant amount of Nigerian ancestry linked to slavery – far more than expected based on the historical records of ships carrying enslaved people directly to the United States from Nigeria”

CBS, BBC News Africa, and other leading media outlets have featured some very emotional, wonderful success stories about African-Descendants in America and Europe who have decided to connect with their heritage by visiting the slave ports where their ancestors were once held. When they visited some of the historical sites, they felt like a bolt of lightning went through their hearts, but ultimately, they gained strength from what they saw, and are making their ancestors proud. They all felt a deep bond and love for the African culture, the holistic stress-free environment, the vast scenic beauty, and the uplifting fresh air (which makes you feel as though you are on another planet). In fact, their feelings were so strong, that they decided to move to West Africa where that can have a fabulous life and home (at a fraction of the price in America). They can work remotely, or in the case of entrepreneurs, set up a small or medium sized business. Of note, one of the aforementioned TV programs stated that every day, an average of 300 African Americans has been making enquiries about such as new life…

There is an interplay that exists between arts, culture, identity, and our roots. The African descendants in diaspora are very connected with the Africa and the ancestors.

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Whether you are interested in buying a fabulous villa in the Fatherland as a holiday home, a home away from home, a rental investment, or a retirement home; or whether you are moving from overseas permanently, you will be given a truly sincere warm welcome at the Fatherland. When you arrive at this wonderful new cultural destination, your heart will melt. – The environment is stunning, English is spoken everywhere, the fabulous food is super fresh, and the music has a special beat that connects us to how life should be.

In no time at all, new arrivals will magically regain an integral part of themselves, as they will foster a new sense of identity. – And often for the first time, they gain a sense of freedom, as they no longer must think about multiracial challenges.