Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Light At The End Of The Tunnel - Fatherland Badagry

As the New York Times, notes: “There is a significant amount of Nigerian ancestry linked to slavery – far more than expected based on the historical records of ships carrying enslaved people directly to the United States from Nigeria.” Many slaves were sent to the US via the Caribbean. According to the United Nations: “Some […]

The African American Village

African American Village - Fatherland

The African American Village, which is the quiet residential district of the FATHERLAND, is found at the very heart of the destination. It has been designed by leading architects and engineers, and has been described as an architectural masterpiece, and the perfect destination for leisure, entertainment, luxury living, and something even more profound— Black culture […]

Welcome to The Badagry

The African American Village

The history of the slave trade in West Africa would not be complete without a special mention of the slave trade route. The town of Badagry provides an extremely important, spiritual, and historical link, for the Black diaspora. – Many of whom can trace their ancestors to this region.

Dawn of New Era

Dawn of New Era New - Fatherland

Owing to this huge demand, which has been reported across the media by leading TV stations, we would like to introduce you to the development of the Fatherland, an Entertainment, Tourism Education, and Luxury Residential Complex. – An extraordinary cutting-edge innovative, ecological sustainable, green city, which incorporates leading-edge infrastructure for entertainment, business, tourism, schools, sports […]